Belton Lake Boat Rental Brings People and Money to Bell County


BELTON, TX – The first step to spring activities can begin at Lake Belton.

“It’s just a very nice, beautiful, underused lake,” said Blake Brown, manager of Frank’s Marina.

The lake, which has been relatively calm for months, is now somewhat more used.

With the temperatures rising, the people of Bell County are ready to have some fun.

“I know the mandatory shelter in place had a lot of people experiencing cabin fever,” Brown explained. “But now that it’s over, we’d love to see you here.”

At Franks Marina on Lake Park Road. in Belton you can rent pontoon boats, single or double kayaks, or paddle boards to use for the day.

It’s a business that brings people and money to the county.

“People love to do it, we have a lot of loyal customers,” he said. “Our summer months are actually very busy, so if you’re interested you might want to call and book your reservation in advance.”

However, the lake and the boat rental service also attract those who live outside the city.

Inevitably, these people spend time and money here, helping to boost tourism and the local economy.

“After people have spent a day, you know, at the park or the lake, they often want to go out to eat, so they can have dinner and explore the community and spend the money there,” Dr Rob Tennant, Acting explained the director of the accounting and finance department of Texas A&M Central Texas.

Right now the marina has 3 pontoon boats you can hire, but Brown said there are 5 more on the way that should be here by the end of the month.

“We’ll have plenty for everyone, come here and have fun,” he said with a smile. “And believe me, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Those of Frank’s Marina are also associated with Grilled dead fish just up the road. If you buy a bucket of food at the restaurant, you’ll receive an additional hour of free browsing, worth $ 50!

For prices and availability consult Frank’s Marina website.


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