Boat rental company bringing “Uber” type experiences to the shores


CAPE CORAL, Florida – Want to spend a day at sea or go to a restaurant on the boat? GetMyBoat matches non-boat owners with a boat or a boat captain.

The app was created in 2013 by co-founders Sascha Morell and Rag Collado. The pair realized how many unused boats were sitting on the pleasure docks and the lack of access to boats from non-boat owners.

“So many people want to have access to boating experiences, but it could be very expensive and unrealistic for the average person. The average boat is only used about 8% of the year, so they wanted to make it easier to navigate. ‘access to people. to boating experiences, “said Val Streif, Marketing Director of GetMyBoat.” Additionally, boat captains and boat owners can earn a secondary income on their boats when not in use. not, ”said Val Streif, Marketing Director of GetMyBoat.

Cape Coral Boat Owner, Captain Randy Busch, said the app is like the charter industry’s Uber. He has been using the app for almost 2 years. His boat needs a captain, so he gets people to their destinations. He said some people want to go to the beach by boat, others want to be taken to a restaurant.

He said you might spot the wildlife too.

“It’s a good time. We can see a lot of dolphins there, a lot of manatees and a shark here and there, ”Busch said.

The app takes around 8% commission on boat rentals. Busch said it was worth it.

“I don’t have to pay for a website. I don’t have to do all of the paperwork that should normally be done for charter business,” he said.

GetMyBoat also advertises its charters for it.

“They run everything. They advertise for us. When I see the ads on Facebook or wherever they do it all and pay for it all, ”Busch said.

What is there for the guest?

A unique experience and the opportunity for an affordable boating experience. Some boat owners allow you to drive the boat yourself and others, like Busch’s boat, require a boat captain.

“Everything from kayaks to luxury yachts,” Streif said. “I think Cape Coral, Fort Myers, those kind of pontoons in the area are the most popular and for the price it’s going to cost $ 250 for a whole day.

She said boating allows people to be outdoors and socially distant. Streif also said every boat is kept clean – even before the pandemic.

“Boat captains will tell you that they spend a ton of their time cleaning their boats. All surfaces on boats can be easily disinfected, ”Streif said.

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