Marbella launches hybrid or fully electric boat rental service from Banús


Marbella is launching a hybrid or fully electric boat rental service from Puerto Banús.

Puerto Banús in Marbella will be the first in the province of Andalusia to welcome yachts that only use environmentally friendly fuel to propel them.

The port administrators have concluded an agreement with the company Volta Yacht to be the port of reference for this type of luxury yacht for sailing in the Mediterranean. “It is the first port in the south of Spain”, they boasted in Puerto Banús, where the concessionaire hopes that its berths will be the starting point for this type of vessel to sail the seas, in particular for the crossing of North Africa, docking in Morocco. and Tunisia.

Puerto Banús is the first port in Spain to enter into such an agreement. “Leading the development of electric boats by being the leading distributors in southern Spain is part of our firm commitment to transforming a sustainable marina,” notes Juan Núñez-Insausti, CEO of Puerto Banús, who explains that it is intended to promote “sustainable navigation”. The concessionaire clarified that it would not sell boats and that it only intended to rent or transfer berths.

A fleet of Volta Yachts will be available at the anchorages. “It is the first nautical dealer in Spain specializing in electric, hybrid and solar boats,” Insausti said. This type of boat will be offered from the upper berth of the port, in which the Puerto Banús sales and customer service staff will participate. It offers yachts, catamarans, jet skis and motor boats. According to the technical description proposed by the owner, they allow you to navigate without needing to refuel.

These types of boats use electric batteries that can be recharged in the port, like electric cars, but they are also equipped with solar panels for self-supply of energy, so there is no limitation. hours of sea trips.

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