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Some things pop up, like a humpback, when you enter Bay of Pines (920-3564).

First the aquarium and fat the marine murals downstairs, later the mix of international photos upstairs and, most strikingly, the pirate ship bar that rises across both floors. (Truly.)

Then there is the… whale that breaches the ceiling.

(For a full slideshow of the location, see the carousel to the right.)

A private tour of the hospitality industry to examine the spectacular new backdrop takes place this weekend. A public preview takes place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday October 13, with entertainment from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The place will remain open with a limited menu of small bites and full bar service from 5 p.m. to midnight before the official opening of the bar-restaurant-entertainment with a full menu for lunch and dinner on November 3.

But the ambitious decor is almost completely in place, just like Sous Chef Eli Rabaino (Last seen at Cream in Pacific Grove) and GM Jim Farah, a San Carlos school graduate who opened Marriott and Sheratons as far as the Red Sea in Egypt, before returning to the area to direct food and drink at Pasadera.

And Farah just hired Paul Rurup, a Scottsdale Culinary Institute graduate who traveled to Las Vegas to work under the direction of top chefs Todd English and Grinding wheel Moon, among other things, before returning to his native Northern California to work as a private chef.

It’s all about organic, right down to the spices, seasonal salads like a plate of heirloom tomatoes, applications like braised baby octopus and crab cakes with tarragon and lemon sauce, homemade sausages, plus lots of smoking in a brand new smoker in the beautifully cleaned and remodeled kitchen. Bring the smoked shrimp in a butter and beer sauce.

“What I really have to do is get to the local farmers, use their produce right off the field,” he says.

Not to mention the exotic spices used in Californian cuisine.

“We are really going to integrate all the flavors of the world,” he adds. “Play with lamb, duck confit, pizza and think outside the box for things other people don’t.”

Almost everything would have been an improvement over the dead space that was once India’s clay oven. But this one is particularly interesting and takes hold of the high ceiling, large windows, two floors and integrated coves.

Bahia de los Pinos was the name given by the Portuguese explorer Juan Cabrillo, hence Baie des Pins. The boat bar is modeled on the hull of his La Victoria.

Vision is owner driven Dana Helman, a self-described former teacher and environmentalist who loved taking her students out into the wild to learn how to identify native flora and fauna, hence the lush natural landscape, which she actually aims to use as an educational tool during the after school hours, and even the range of international photos upstairs.

“Being an environmentalist and teaching science from university, working with The return of the natives, I wanted each of the walls to be a different habitat, ”she says.

The Carmel River, sand dunes, rocky shoreline, redwood forest, open bay, kelp forests, chaparral and, deservedly, pine forest will all be featured.

The incredible pirate ship bar itself features a mix of things that work as a sailing analogy to float there for the larger mothership: it’s painstakingly handcrafted, beautifully detailed, and, too, on the top.

The bartender staff are already working on signature cocktails, all made from organic liquors. Seven taps will run beers including several local beers.

GM Farah is anticipating a calendar of events to enjoy a stage and dance floor in a corner of the main ground floor. They will make the reservation internally.

“I think locals need more entertainment so that people can have different choices for different experiences,” he says.

In a nutshell, oh.


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